24 Hours in Portland: Beers, Movies & Secret Diners

Photo Credit: richtpt "How about we meet up at the Brew Fest in Portland?" asked my Seattleite friend Matt. Such an innocent question. From free-flowing taps to a full-moon movie in the park, plus a you-don't-know-about-it-yet diner, our Saturday-to-Sunday 24 hours in Portland turned into one of the highlights of our summer. Oregon Brewers Festival … Read more

Eugene Symphony in the Park 2010

Cuthbert Ampitheatre, Eugene Symphony in the Park, July 17, 2010 Photo Credit: Steve Smith, Imagine Photographics The geese stole the show, but the orchestra played on. Partway through the opening piece, Rossini's Barber of Seville "Overture", 5 geese flew out from behind the copper arch of the Cuthbert Ampitheatre. They seemed deliberate, part of the … Read more

Homebrewing: The Curse of Brown Ale

The culprit Split batch: Ol' Dillydally English-style Brown Ale & Parchcrusher Nut Brown Ale Ever since I began homebrewing in 2007, I've felt a wee bit cursed when it comes to making brown ales. The cursed feeling began, as these things often do, with a sub-par batch (admittedly, our second brew ever). The feeling has … Read more

Creativity Begets Creativity, As Long As You Don’t Wuss Out

From a recent note-to-self… or maybe a bit of a philosophical bitch-slap. You decide. Creativity begets creativity, just as love begets love. I made myself write, dreading as always the first, feeble, floundering pen strokes. Then I got over myself, and wound up with a half-decent draft of a blog post. Next I outlined an … Read more

I Do Belgian-style Tripel Ale wins 2nd place

Marriage beer takes 2nd in Eugene Sasquatch Brew Fest Homebrew Contest 2010 The Sasquatch Brewfest in Eugene, Oregon awarded me second place in the Belgian Ale category for the 2010 Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition. We brewed our “I Do” beer, a Belgian-style Tripel Ale, for our wedding and marriage. What an honor! Belgian Ale Brewer Name … Read more