Creativity Begets Creativity, As Long As You Don’t Wuss Out


From a recent note-to-self… or maybe a bit of a philosophical bitch-slap. You decide.

Creativity begets creativity, just as love begets love.

I made myself write, dreading as always the first, feeble, floundering pen strokes. Then I got over myself, and wound up with a half-decent draft of a blog post.

Next I outlined an idea for an article (or maybe an e-book — we'll see).

Creativity begets creativity.

All you need is the first courage, the first action — to just write those first words. Forget yourself — there is only what to say, nothing more!

Lose yourself in the act of expression. The creativity will grow, it will move on its own, and will build upon itself.

Just take the first step. Just write the first words. And then, just keep going.

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