Eugene Weekend: Nathan Fillion and the Arcimoto Pulse

“I found it! I found my spaceship! It's real and I'm getting it!” — Nathan Fillion on Twitter, Aug. 13, 2010

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This past weekend, actor Nathan Fillion flew in to Eugene from Los Angeles so he could test-drive the Arcimoto Pulse electric car. Jodie and I got to see both car and star. Conveniently ensconcing ourselves in Whitaker on Saturday afternoon, we watched the Pulse zipping up to its trailer, as Arcimoto staff prepped it for a test drive out by the airport:

One test drive finishes. Another soon begins.

This car is awesome, and is the closest we mere mortals will ever get to riding a Tron-style lightcycle. After seeing the Pulse in various stages of development, watching one being driven around the streets of Eugene was most gratifying. We're stoked for the Pulse's expected release in 2011 — if any electric car could shake the market wide open, this is the one.

And then we met Nathan Fillion. Here in Eugene. (<holy-goram-schnackies>Pardon me a fanboy moment, but holy crap, we met Nathan Fillion! How freakin' cool is that?</holy-goram-schnackies> Ahem.) Jodie and I follow Nathan Fillion on Twitter, and we are fans of his roles in Firefly and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. (Fillion is currently co-star of the hit ABC series Castle, but we haven't gotten around to watching that yet.)

Fangirl Jodie with Captain Tightpants

We got to chat with Nathan Fillion for a few minutes, and were stoked that he was very much, well, just another person. There were no airs or pretense; there was no ego or attitude. He was in Eugene, he was stoked to be test-driving the Pulse, and he was having a good time. We talked about Eugene, the Pulse, and movies (Jodie and I were seeing Ironman 2 that evening, and he offered his opinion — good, but not quite as good as the first one).

It sounds like Fillion had a great time in our wee part of the Pacific Northwest. Apparently, his test-drive more than lived up to his expectations. Now back in LA and on-set for Castle, Fillion and his co-star, Jon Huertas, have each put down $500 deposits for a Pulse of their own.

Fanboy Geek Anthony with the man himself.

More about Nathan Fillion and the Arcimoto Pulse (Check out Nathan Fillion's tweets from Aug. 13-Aug. 23 for his commentary on the Pulse, Q&A from followers and Arcimoto staff, photos and video):

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