September: Food, Writing and the Pacific Northwest

Sliced tomatoes about to go in the food dehydrator. Food, writing and the Pacific Northwest — these 3 things define my life, interests and direction. This past month has been filled with lots of each. Food Summer produce is waning, autumn produce is waxing — and we've been enjoying it all: Learning about honey extraction … Read more

How Do We Cope with Eugene Summer Surrendering into Fall?

Leaves starting to change color. Fine. Be that way. There's no denying it: summer was in short supply this year. Summer's end is being forced on us, but like you I'm not ready to let it go yet. With one hand, we hang on tight to the fading summer, and with the other, despite ourselves, … Read more

Our Top 12 Cookbook Workhorses

"Our Cookbooks" Series Part of an occasional series about what cookbooks we use (and why we use them), plus volumes we're drooling after. Of the 28 cookbooks in our house, we regularly use 12. These are our "workhorse" cookbooks, the go-to references and inspiration that we turn to daily in our kitchen. But what makes … Read more

Blog Update: Coming Soon

  Working on/Coming soon Lots of Food & Drink! Food preservation. Homebrew. Eugene grub. Cookbook series. And more. Writing: This category may go by the wayside. I’m not really interested in “writing about writing”, but do enjoy talking about productivity posts and such — mainly because it keeps me honest. We’ll see how this shakes … Read more

At This Crossroads of Seasons

The end of this August mixes many moods and thoughts. This time last year, in the heat of summer, Jodie and I were less than 2 weeks away from our wedding day, in the thick of finalizing details. This year, we have time to relax, to enjoy, and to ponder a season where, lately, the … Read more