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Working on/Coming soon

  • Lots of Food & Drink! Food preservation. Homebrew. Eugene grub. Cookbook series. And more.
  • Writing: This category may go by the wayside. I’m not really interested in “writing about writing”, but do enjoy talking about productivity posts and such — mainly because it keeps me honest. We’ll see how this shakes out, or what future form the category may take.
  • Eugene/Northwest: Changing seasons.
  • Journal: Reflections of a transplant Oregonian. (10 years since I made my home in Oregon… what does that mean?)

What is this? From now on, occasionally I’ll note posts I’m working on and planning to publish. This way you’re getting some heads-up on content that may be of interest to you — plus it motivates me to get on the stick and get some more goram writing done.

These will be coming out in the next few weeks. (If I’m really smart, I’ll even remember to update this post with links as I publish each piece.)

What do you want to hear about?

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