Blog Update: Coming Soon

Working on/Coming soon Eugene/Northwest: Tips to survive the rainy, dreary Eugene winter Writing: On writing legends Food/Drink: More homebrew. More cookbooks What is this? From now on, occasionally I'll note posts I'm working on and planning to publish. This way you're getting some heads-up on content that may be of interest to you — plus … Read more

Winter & Strong Ale Fest at 16 Tons, Nov. 19-20

Rain? Bring the rain. We of Eugene shall meet it, with hearty winter ales and strong ales and any other heavy wintry beery goodness that comes to hand. A Eugene autumn demands a hearty brew. 16 Tons, the bottle shop and tasting room on 13th & High in downtown Eugene, is bringing the malt this … Read more

Lelia Broussard Eugene Concert, Nov. 16

If you mention Ingrid Michaelson, you'll get my attention. That's why this email popped me in the noggin: "I just wanted to quickly let you know that Lelia Broussard, the talented and already critically acclaimed 21-year-old singer songwriter, is coming to Eugene on Tuesday, Nov. 16 to Cozmic Pizza to celebrate and promote her 3rd … Read more

Learn to Homebrew Day with Oakshire Brewing and Cascade Brewers Society, Eugene, Oregon

Words to live by: "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew."— Charlie Papazian, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, 3rd edition Oakshire founder and owner Jeff Althouse explains different kinds of barley and how each can be used in brewing. Observations from a mild-mannered Eugene craft beer blogger at Learn to Homebrew Day 2010 If you can … Read more

Homebrewing Wee Heavy Scotch Ale: Live-Tweeting a Brew Session

Thrills! (Well, fresh beer is pretty damn thrilling.) Spills! (OK, not really). Chills! (If quickly cooling boiled wort counts). And never-before-seen-photos! It's… it's… homebrew! A quick note that will help this post make more sense For our first full-on batch of the new fall brewing season, I did something I've never done before: I "live-tweeted" … Read more

October Homebrew Joy: Crisp Apple Cider 2010

A Lazy Brewer's Easy Day's Work for Hard Apple Cider Hard cider is so easy to make, I almost feel guilty. Okay, that's bollocks — I don't feel guilty at all. The joy of cider is that you can make it as easy or involved as you want. Want to personally taste and select apple … Read more