Lelia Broussard Eugene Concert, Nov. 16

Lelia-Broussard If you mention Ingrid Michaelson, you'll get my attention. That's why this email popped me in the noggin:

"I just wanted to quickly let you know that Lelia Broussard, the talented and already critically acclaimed 21-year-old singer songwriter, is coming to Eugene on Tuesday, Nov. 16 to Cozmic Pizza to celebrate and promote her 3rd studio record. The album, “Masquerade”, hit the street on November 2nd, making this West Coast tour extra special.

"Lelia's fan-base and notoriety is nothing to be scoffed at considering she raised over $15,000 through Kickstarter.com to fund this record, which put her in the top 5 most successful music projects of all time on the site. Furthermore Ms. Broussard has been under the wing of writer and producer Rob Fusari, known for his work with the legendary Lady Gaga!  The result is engaging rock songwriting that invokes the intelligent and thoughtful craft of songwriters like Jenny Lewis, Meiko and Ingrid Michaelson!"

Like I said, it got my attention.

Raised a bunch of upfront money to produce her record? Shows entreprenurial initiative and musical badassery.

Playing Eugene, Oregon? Well, duh, that got my attention. Sadly, I can't make the show, but wanted to tell you about it so you could go.

And as for the music? I'm digging it. Good voice, definite overtones of Ingrid with deep-whimsical songwriting.

She's got potential. I'll check out more. Her single, "Satellite," is quite good, and I'm liking her cover of The Boss's "Dancing in the Dark." Listen to samples on Lelia's Facebook page…

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If you make the show, drop a line and let us know what you think of Lelia's music.

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