My Writing Tools: The Humble, Simple, Indispensable Legal Pad

The Why As much as I love my Moleskine notebook, there are times where it's easier to draft in a larger format. Enter the venerable, humble, simple, cheap legal pad. The only hard part can be using both sides of the page, but this post includes an easy how-to so you can do just that. … Read more

Joy, in spite of everything

Photo Credit: AlicePopkorn We do not have the luxury of a simple, easy, painless world. Life is not easy, and living is full of tough decisions. Through it all, I strive to make like novelist Tom Robbins and not just maintain, but live, a simple, 5-word life philosophy: Joy, in spite of everything It's a … Read more

Wild Ale Festival on Tap at Eugene 16 Tons, Dec. 17, 2010

Taste 60+ Farmhouse, Rustic, Tart, Sour, Barrel Aged, Wild, and Funktastic Ales 16 Tons Week of Wild (Dec. 14-18, 2010) climaxes with a Wild Ale Festival! On Friday, Dec. 17 from 5-10 p.m., staff pours 10 wild ales on tap and more than 50 bottles, including these featured breweries: Oregon: Block 15, Boneyard, BridgePort, Cascade, … Read more

Homebrew: Taste of the Mild English-style Mild Ale

The amber-brown color adds to the body of a flavorful beer that is light on the palate, the gut and the blood-alcohol level. Some like it mild Sometimes you need a break from big beers. Be it a hoppy bitterness whose IBU count needs exponential notation, or an alcohol content more commonly associated with wine, … Read more

Clips: Real Ale, Real Pub – The Register-Guard

"Oakridge brewer Ted Sobel forgoes the keg for firkins filled with English tradition and Oregon independence." My Northwest craft beer feature appeared in The Register-Guard's special section Tastings: Real Ale, Real Pub (November 19, 2010)

6 Tips to Survive & Thrive in a Eugene Winter

I've said it before, I'll say again: I love the rain. Nonetheless, a few tips for survival and enjoyment come in handy. Whether it's your first or your tenth Northwest winter, it takes some adjustment when October brings the season's first rains and colder temperatures. Here are 6 tips to make the rain and winter … Read more

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