Month: January 2011

Lamb & Nut-stuffed Winter Squash Recipe

The last stuffed squash recipe you'll ever need? Sunset Magazine describes this scrumptious, filling stuffed-squash dish as satisfying "even the most carnivorous Sunset staff members. Some kind of alchemy takes place with the onions, sage, and nuts to create a distinctly sausagelike flavor." After wiping the drool off our chins, Jodie and I looked at … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer: IPA Festival at 16 Tons Jan. 27-29

16 Tons Bottle Shop Presents Eugene IPA Festival January 27-29, 2011, 5-10 p.m. Event Page on Facebook 16 Tons Bottle Shop, 265 E 13th (Corner of High) Eugene, OR, (541) 345-2003 Friday and Saturday, Nosh Pit will be set up outside the shop, with sandwiches for sale From taps to bottles, big breweries to some … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer: Brewers Union Ted Sobel, Union Dew IPA at 16 Tons Jan. 26

Casks are meant to go home empty Get your growlers and mason jars ready! 16 Tons has Union Dew IPA on tap, Wed., Jan. 26, from 5 p.m. till the cask is empty. Union Dew IPA is one of the most popular flagship beers from Oakridge's Brewers Union Local 180. Brewers Union owner and head … Read More

Welcome to the Pacific Northweird: Let Portlandia Rock Your Wannabe World

"Portland is the city where young people go to retire" Put a Bird on It, It's Art IFC's Portlandia doesn't even launch until Jan. 21, but much hullaballoo is being made of the already-online premiere episode. See? Portland is so hip, things are happening there before they're even happening. As of this writing, I got … Read More

Our 16 Auxiliary Cookbooks: Our Cookbooks Series

Part of an occasional series about what cookbooks we use (and why we use them), plus volumes we're drooling after. Also on Our Shelves Over the years, in addition to our Our Top 12 Cookbook Workhorses, Jodie and I have acquired 16 more cookbooks. Not used as often, these volumes are our auxiliaries, turned to … Read More

The Chemistry Behind Whiskey and Water

Whiskey in your water? Chemistry says yes: The Chemistry behind Whisky and Water. "This piece, written by Nabil Mailloux, a Canadian Malt Maniac, explains the science behind what we have all known for a long time: the addition of a little water brings out the flavour of a single malt." Pardon me while I now … Read More

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