Cascade Brewers Society and progress on moving Antsaint

A few quick notes before turning in… The blog transfer from Typepad to WordPress is coming along well, but it’s not 100% yet. I’m still working on pulling in some images and what-not, and making sure that old pages are going to their new counterparts correctly. If you get an error on the site, it’s … Read more

Blog upgrade is coming along… gradually

I’ll spare you the boring details. Thanks for being patient though. I’m in the middle of moving Antsaint from Typepad to WordPress, a change I’ve been hankering for for quite some time. Things are gradually getting set up (somewhere between correctly and half-arsed). It’s a fun time though, with more fun on the way. The … Read more

Yes, this is Antsaint

Yes, this is Antsaint, blog and website of writer, editor, cook, brewer and traveler Anthony St. Clair. Antsaint is getting a platform and theme upgrade. Things will be a bit jumbly for the next while. A new and improved blog and site are on their way soon. Sorry for any inconvenience. I’m still around though. … Read more

Honest Pints in Eugene: Is your beer lying to you?

Honest Pint Glasses in Eugene Have you ever quaffed a pint of fine Oregon craft beer, set down your glass, and felt somehow… incomplete, as if that pint emptied faster than it should have? It might not be that you were just getting your drink on. It could be that your beer was lying to … Read more

KLCC Eugene Microbrew/Craft Beer Festival Feb. 11-12

Get your craft beer on! The KLCC Microbrew Fest (and CD/record sale) is on this weekend. From the West Coast to as far away as Belgium, over 100 craft beers, specialty beers and seasonal brews will be on tap for tasting. Some other highlights… Enjoy the music of The Ty Curtis Band on Friday and Jacob … Read more

Antsaint’s 2010 Homebrew Review & 2011 Beer and Writing Outlook

An award. A new stove. Lots of new books. More beer writing. And a helluva lot of fun brewing. 2010 brewing for this homebrewer and craft beer enthusiast was a time of fun and growth, and has set me up for a lot of brewing and beer writing fun in 2011. Now an Award-Winning Brewer! … Read more

What’s Your Writing Regimen?

An old friend recently emailed me a question. He'll remain nameless, as I wouldn't want to expose some poor bugger for asking me for writing advice: "I was wondering whether you have a writing regimen or way of getting yourself to focus. I am trying to find a way to get the juices flowing, I … Read more