Cascade Brewers Society and progress on moving Antsaint

A few quick notes before turning in…

The blog transfer from Typepad to WordPress is coming along well, but it’s not 100% yet. I’m still working on pulling in some images and what-not, and making sure that old pages are going to their new counterparts correctly. If you get an error on the site, it’s me, not you. Please contact me about the problem, and I’ll sort it out quick as I can.

Next steps for the new site will be adding a few more features, a heckuva lot more content, and spiffing things up with a new design.

More importantly: beer, homebrew and brewers. I’m writing this just after getting back from the monthly meeting of the Cascade Brewers Society, and I had an awesome time talking with various folks about various things homebrew. If you’re not familiar with Cascade Brewers Society and either brew or are interested in brewing, it’ll do you good to check them out. After attending this and a meeting in November, I’m joining up. Good folks and good times.

Even more importantly: thank you. As part of the blog platform migration, it’s walloped me in the noggin that since Sept. 1, 2004, I’ve published 2,257 blog posts on Antsaint. Which means you’ve done a lot of reading and sticking around. Thank you for the great conversations, for your interest, and for your friendship. Here’s to 2,257 more blog posts and another 7 years of awesomocious scribbling fun.

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