A ride unencumbered

Photo by sea turtle - http://flic.kr/p/6h5B9a
Photo by sea turtle - http://flic.kr/p/6h5B9a

Just go

The day’s sunny beauty made it clear: take a bike ride, and take nothing with you.

It didn’t have to be far. Just get out. Get on the pedals. Ride around the neighborhood. Admire the flowers blooming. Drink in the fresh, impossibly vibrant chartreuse of new leaves on waking trees.

Ride to Emerald Park and walk around. Listen to the glee of the little kids on the playground. Nod and smile at the people passed on the path. Look up at the tall trees, where for now just-bare branches let in as much as they can of the precious, precious sun.

Leave the bag at home. No backpack or messenger bag or laptop case. No files or drafts, no laptop, no legal pad, not even a book.

Just ride. Just enjoy. Drink it all in while the breeze is mild, while the sun is warm, while the little children are joyous.

Leave with nothing. Return filled with what matters: the simple, small joys of a short bike ride around a park on a warm spring day.

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