Eugene – Oakshire Brewing to release Hellshire I

Hellshire I from Oakshire Brewing, Eugene, Oregon. Image Credit: Oakshire Brewing

Coming May 7: Hellshire I Barleywine Ale, aged in bourbon barrels

Oakshire releases Hellshire I, its first Barrel Aged Beer, on Saturday, May 7, 2011. Sales of the beer begin at 8 a.m. at the brewery (1055 Madera Street, Eugene).

Hoppy barleywine given a double-thump punch from bourbon barrel aging? Dude. At first I was surprised to see a winter-warming barleywine coming out in early May, but this actually makes sense. Oakshire Brewing’s May 7 release coincides with our local Sasquatch Brew Fest, and the end (May 2-8) of our inaugural Eugene Beer Week, a great time for any area brewery to roll out a special release beer.

Plus, barleywines are great beers for cellaring. You can snag some in May and lay it down for this winter and winters in years to come.

About the bourbon barrel barleywine

Bourbon barrel barleywine. Doesn’t that just make your pint hand twitch? I am so not saying it 3 times fast, though. Especially after a few tastes — there’s nothing like bourbon barrel aging to make your lips numb. So here’s the story:

  • Hellshire I is the first beer in Oakshire’s Hellshire series
  • Hellshire I is a barleywine that was 100% aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels for 10 months
  • Notes of vanilla, coconut, oak and bourbon intertwine with the beer’s complex malt and hop character, making for a “contemplative beer”
  • Enjoy Hellshire I now, or age for months or years
  • 10% alcohol by volume
  • Available in 22 ounce wax dipped bottles

Release the Hellshire

“The Hellshire Beers are an exciting way for us to show our creativity at Oakshire,” says Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk. “We’ve collected a covey of barrels, now nearing 50, where we are aging several wild beers and spirit barrel aged beers. The future looks bright for our barrel aged beer fans.”

Jeff Althouse, Co-Founder of Oakshire Brewing, adds, “I feel our barrel aged program will become equally as popular as our Single Batch Series and our Seasonal and Year-Round Beers.”

I would not be surprised.

Release day events

Oakshire is releasing Hellshire I at a special “brunch” party at the brewery on Saturday, May 7, at the end of the inaugural Eugene Beer Week. Complimentary coffee, live local music and a local food cart serving breakfast sandwiches will be available from 8 a.m. to noon.

All of Oakshire’s beers will be sampled. Pints, growlers, and kegs also will be available for purchase. Hellshire I will be available in 22 ounce, wax-dipped bottles for $15. Supplies are limited — when they’re gone, well, let’s just hope you have friends willing to share their barleywine.

More information available at, or call (541) 688-4555.

Bring on the Hellshire!

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