No room to brew

Dearie, dearie, dearie me. I’ve run out of room for beer. After bottling 5 gallons of dark lager and 5 gallons of saison, our cellar is full. Full of various batches of homebrew. Full of specialty beers from Oakshire, 16 Tons, Bier Stein and more. I may be able to finagle one more batch. Maybe. … Read more

Red Molly, black licorice and The Rolling Stones

This week I am grateful for… Red Molly May I suggest… may I suggest to you… may I suggest this is the best part of your life My dear friend Choya introduced us to female singing trio Red Molly via their song “May I Suggest”. This song lifts my heart and reminds me of what … Read more

New Co-Chair of Mid-Valley Willamette Writers

Giving back to the largest writers organization in Oregon What is it? Mid-Valley Chapter, Willamette Writers Chapter Website Twitter @MidValleyWW Contact Mid-Valley Chapter Main Willamette Writers Website What is this smart-mouth typist foodie up to now? I’m stoked to announce that I’ve accepted a new volunteer position: co-chair of the Mid-Valley Chapter of Willamette Writers. … Read more

Book review: Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest by Lisa Morrison

The Beer Goddess delivers the goods on craft beer in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia When it comes to craft beer, sooner or later you’ll hear about Lisa Morrison. Whether through her Beer O’Clock radio show, in endless articles and profiles about craft beer, or on Twitter (beer_goddess), Lisa Morrison is one of the region’s … Read more

Slow cooker chicken stock

Nothing like homemade chicken stock Want to make your house smell like grandma’s kitchen? It’s easy. Just make some slow cooker chicken stock. Here’s how: Collect a lot of chicken bones. For example, keep back the bones from 10 lbs. of bone-in cuts, or, the whole carcass of a picked-clean roast chicken. The more the … Read more