How to change your work, life or both

“After much soul-searching & preparing & attempts at an alternative, I have left my job of 7+ years as web editor at Chief. It’s a good day.” — Anthony St. Clair via Twitter, Friday, June 24, 2011 Also a big thank-you Do you want to change your work, your life, or both? Below are some … Read more

Book review: To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron

“The most sacred of the world’s mountains — holy to one fifth of the earth’s people — remains withdrawn on its plateau like a pious illusion. For years I had heard of it only as a figment. Isolated beyond the parapet of the central Himalaya, it permeated early Hindu scriptures as the mystic Mount Meru, … Read more

New guest post and hello Amwriters

New guest blog post at Writers, have you been lingering too long in the myth of the solitary writer? Time to break out. How writing conferences break the myth of the solitary writer Hello Amwriters! Big ol’ hugs and welcomes to folks visiting from the awesomocious #Amwriting (dot org) Community. I hope you found … Read more

The scared and excited of big changes

I’m at a loss this week. Many changes are in the works. They are scary. They are exciting. Though more and more, in their purest forms I think “scary” and “exciting” are synonyms. As I type this, it hits me that no wonder I’ve had trouble deciding what to blog about this week. This is … Read more

Book review: A Gift Upon the Shore, by M.K. Wren

What lies beyond survival? I didn’t know Rachel then. I didn’t know anyone in Shiloh. I hadn’t been there for thirteen years, since I was eleven. The house by the sea was my aunt’s; she willed it to me when she died. It was so naive, that dream. There was so much I didn’t know. … Read more

Bockish Dark Lager Homebrew

Brewery comes to the cold garage Long have I wanted to homebrew a lager beer, and this winter finally presented an opportunity. True to the minimal (erm, lazy) setup of the St. Clair brewing kitchen, only a few extra things were needed: Cold temperatures Space in the garage Check. Lager takes more time and lower … Read more