How to change your work, life or both

“After much soul-searching & preparing & attempts at an alternative, I have left my job of 7+ years as web editor at Chief. It’s a good day.” — Anthony St. Clair via Twitter, Friday, June 24, 2011

Also a big thank-you

Do you want to change your work, your life, or both? Below are some folks who can help, and who have helped me with my own major work/life change.

I’ve made a long-considered and deeply soul-sought decision to leave my job of 7+ years and become self-employed. I didn’t get there on my own, and wanted to share some of the people and resources who were helpful and invaluable to me along the way.

This post is also part thank-you to all these folks. Their careers and selves are all about leading by example. They give others the tools they need to find their own path and the courage to take that path. For that, I am so grateful.

As you can imagine, lots of these people and resources below are for fellow writers and editors. Regardless of your field or change or passion though, if you are considering career and/or life changes, odds are you’ll find these folks useful too.

Folks who can help you on big ol’ scary life and work changes

Willamette Writers

Oregon’s largest writers organization, with regional chapters and an awesome annual conference in Portland.

Mid-Valley Chapter, Willamette Writers

For writers in Eugene and the surrounding areas. Fun and helpful monthly meetings. (I’m also proud to be one of the chapter’s new co-chairs, along with fellow writer Valerie Willman.)

Barbara J. Winter

If anyone can help you figure out if you should have a go at being your own boss, it’s Barbara Winter of “Joyfully Jobless” renown and author of Making a Living Without a Job.

Chris Guillebeau

In addition to his goal of traveling to every country in the world, Chris inspires by the openness of his example in pursuing business and life goals.

Joanna Penn and The Creative Penn

For the writer trying to improve platform and marketing, and/or looking at e-books and independent publishing, Joanna is amazing. Working a full-time job while self-publishing books and e-books, Joanna’s The Creative Penn website is a treasure trove of interviews, articles and resources to inform and inspire fellow writers.

Sean Keener and the BootsnAll Travel Network

Sean and I go back a long way, and I kicked off my career working at BootsnAll in its early days. All through my recent time of soul-searching, fear-fighting and pondering, I’ve reflected on my times there, on Sean’s example, and what it took to grow this awesome online community for independent travelers.

John T. Unger

If you think “successful,” “artist” and “badass” don’t belong in the same sentence, then you know zip-all about John T. Unger. His sculptural firebowls are both incredible art and a great business for him, showing how an artist can market and make it today. John also has some of the most balls-to-the-wall, fist-pumping, jump-up-and-say-hell-yeah tweets in the entire twitterverse.

JoJo Jensen, Chapter and Voice

JoJo chaired our Mid-Valley Willamette Writers chapter for 5 years, and is a great voice talent. She mentored me for my co-chair role in the chapter, and has been an invaluable friend and colleague as I’ve worked towards my new work path.

John Procopio

I’ve worked with John at Chief since 2003, and in that time we became close friends as well as colleagues. He possesses this very rare combination of traits: understanding online marketing and websites, while also being one of the world’s most pleasant people to work with. I’m so glad to have him as a friend and kindred spirit.

Ramit Sethi

Loud mouth, sharp mind, and tougher advice than a swift kick in the nadgers. Ramit authors the I Will Teach You to be Rich blog (and NYT bestselling book of the same name). From managing money to examining your work path, Ramit doesn’t want you to count your pennies, he wants you to seek out more dollars and more life satisfaction, whatever that means for you.

My wife, Jodie St. Clair

Best for last, last but not least, etc., etc, a supportive partner is beyond helpful. Above all, I want to thank my wife for her unerring guidance, for her unwavering support, for her sharp mind, for her heart of steel… and for being just daffy enough to believe in me. Everyone should have a partner this wonderful. But lords and ladies, get y’ own — she’s taken.


This is only a partial list. I’d be pushing War and Peace dimensions if I were to list all the books, sites and people who have helped me along the way to this moment, this present and this future. I’m so grateful for the friends, family and colleagues who have helped me find the joy and courage to make this career and life move. Who knows what adventures, good times and hard times are ahead? I don’t. But I’ll face them with joy in my heart, despite everything, and a sense that it can all work out well.

Here we go.

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  1. Thanks, Ant, for the kind words! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with your astute self and maintain friendship over the years. Very excited for this next stage of your career.


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