The undrunk homebrew: Joie de Vivre Saison

The temptation of all those full, shiny bottles I brewed 5 gallons of beer for my wife’s birthday. Her saison, Joi de Vivre, is ready to go, but we can’t drink it until December. Pregnant with our first child, Jodie obviously can’t drink… but it is also her birthday beer. Even though I brewed it, … Read more

The joy of new days, new work, new adventures

“Our culture allows almost no room for creative breaks. There is little tolerance for seeking out a different kind of “work” that doesn’t somehow involve cubicles and widening butts and sour middle managers monitoring your e-mail and checking your Web site logs to see if you’ve wasted a precious 37 seconds of company time” — … Read more

Beer vs. wine in Cheese Wars II

Presented by 16 Tons, Oakshire Brewing, & The Supreme Bean Come to the next bout of Cheese Wars, Eugene’s food-pairing showdown between two ancient beverages, beer and wine. You taste, you decide. The battlefield On Tuesday, July 19, The Supreme Bean at 29th and Willamette hosts 16 Tons and Oakshire Brewing for Cheese Wars II. … Read more

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