Month: August 2011

Prepare for wet hop homebrew

The bitter truth of rare hop freshness Hop harvest comes but once a year. Generally we must hop our beers with dried hops, hop pellets or hop extracts. But there is one magical time of year where homebrewers and craft brewers get to brew with fresh hops, or wet hops. That time, my friends, is … Read More

5 awesome things coming to you from a joyfully jobless Anthony

Joyfully jobless since June 24, 2011 It’s been 2 months since, thank goodness, I no longer have a job. Today, I want to share some of what that means for you. 5 things, really. Quick sum-up (skip to the next paragraph if you already know this or aren’t interested). From 2004-2011, I worked as the … Read More

New Eugene craft beer + a sour ales primer

New Eugene craft beer articles in Register-Guard Thirsty for Eugene-area beer? Looking to expand your palate with sour ales and wild ales? Check out the August 2011 edition of Tastings, from the Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene. Packed with awesome pieces about food and drink in the area, Tastings also includes 4 pieces from me, giving … Read More

The poo flies fanward, or, working on the book

Update on the in-progress urban fantasy novel Progress: 56,466 words of an expected 80,000-90,000 words (or about a 360-page book) The thing about writing a novel is that you have to keep writing it. Day by day, section by section, word by word. If you don’t chip away at the work, the work left to … Read More

Preparing for the 2011 Willamette Writers Conference

So much changes in a year Exactly one year ago, I was getting ready to go to the 2010 Willamette Writers Conference (WWC). Willamette Writers was new to me; I’d recently joined Oregon’s largest writers organization, and was going to the conference for one day to see what it was like. Seeking more opportunities and … Read More

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