Taking stock of 2 years

My sister-in-law Amy shows the quilt she's making for the kiddo room
At our baby shower, my sister-in-law Amy shows the quilt she's making for the kiddo room

Two years ago, on Sept. 12, 2009, my wife Jodie and I got married. I am so, so glad to be by Jodie’s side. She is the most amazing partner, beyond anyone I ever could have dreamed for or asked for. Thank you, my darling Jodie, for the years we’ve had, and for all the times to come.

Whether family, food or business, so much has happened since our wedding day.

We’re about to become parents, for starters. In December we’ll welcome our first child into the world. Seeing the excitement from our friends and family is so amazing. Our baby shower was 2 days before our anniversary, during the hottest days we’ve had in Eugene this year. Jodie and I were blown away by the people who came to share this joy with us, right down to Jodie’s mom and sister flying in from Colorado and a dear friend coming from Chicago with her one-year-old daughter. My mom lives in Virginia, and she even Skyped in to be part of the shower.

Jodie is growing her Eugene Suzuki music studio, and I love helping her evolve her business. Her savvy blows me away, and I love sharing the journey of our businesses.

As for me, I keep plugging away at being an independent writer and editor, getting in touch with new potential clients and cranking out copy, articles and my novel. The last act of the book is well underway, and could be on the market as early as 2012. I know I haven’t said a whole lot about book specifics, but that will be changing soon, as a few things fall into place over these next few weeks.

Running any business isn’t easy, and mine is no exception. I’m building clientele and working on assignments. While there are fears and pitfalls, every day is better, and it’s all part of the adventure. I can’t imagine still being at my day job. I’m finally doing the work I was meant to do (such as more copywriting and beer writing), and that is an wonderful feeling.

The garden is winding down from summer’s bounty to the hearty fare that will be coming for our fall and winter gardening. We’ve dried tomatoes, fermented cucumber pickles, and I’m about to pickle a bunch of sliced kohlrabi in miso. Jodie is learning to make yogurt, and is flipping through our cheese making book for ideas on the cheeses she wants to make once the season cools down.

As the garden winds down, homebrewing is ramping up. We just recently had our first real hop harvest, 1 lb. of Sterling hops right from our own backyard. I immediately brewed 4 oz. of these hops in my first-ever wet-hop beer, which is currently fermenting away in the living room. As we head into fall, winter and parenthood, I’m excited to see what sorts of brews get cranked out this year.

It’s a fun time. Jodie and I have had a fun two years of marriage, and our adventures continue throughout business and family. Here’s to the next few years, and all that comes our way.

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