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Day 15 of 30 Days of Indie Travel Project, from BootsnAll

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Prompt #15: CITY

“What is your favorite (or least favorite) city and what do you love (or hate) about it?”

My 3 favorite cities

While I love my wee home of Eugene, Oregon, there are 3 other cities that are my favorite: Seattle, Washington; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Seattle, Washington

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Set on a wedge of land between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, Seattle’s buzz and vibe belies its association with ever-rainy skies. When it’s clear, you can see the Olympic Mountains to the west, and Mt. Rainier to the south. The food dazzles. Eating fresh, hot donuts from Pike Place Market at a nearby park remains one of my fondest memories. I’ve shared Seattle with so many friends, relatives and my wife; it stays with me always.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh cut my teeth on international travel, and the year I spent there turned me into a traveler. It was in Scotland that I ate my first (and only) deep-fried Mars Bar, and where I learned that beer could actually taste good. Scotland taught me to love and to be a better friend. I’ve wandered countless steps and streets in that city. Its old roads, old hills and old buildings always seemed to hum a peaceful tune to me.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Noodles and broth by the old city moat at midnight. Reeking of raw garlic after a 2-day cooking class that seared a love of Thai food into my very soul. People-watching over mellow cups of good coffee by a busy street. The hills of northern Thailand. I could eat in Chiang Mai forever.

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