Nanowrimo day 25: Newbie takes things full circle in 820 words

“The only thing China and Chicago have in common, is they start with the same first three letters.”

Nanowrimo 2011Nov. 25, 2011
NaNoWriMo status and progress for writing a 50,000-word novel in one month:

  • Written today: 820 words
  • Total so far: 46,603 words
  • Remaining: 3,397 words

Almost there.

Taking a short day today, to finish up a story and prep for the next one.

3 more stories to go, and this latest one has been a lot of fun. A new character took both my character and the story in a direction I hadn’t entirely anticipated. What I liked the most is this character taking a central plot element and bringing it full circle.

This character’s name is Jia, and her name is Chinese, meaning “outstanding person, or good.” She’s lively in her own way, and she’s unexpected in many ways. I’m really hoping this story isn’t the last I see of her… but we’ll see.

3 more stories to go. New directions to check out. And a finish line to get to. 50,000 words, here I come!

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