So many I will always remember – Day 12 of 30 Days of Indie Travel – Meaningful Connections

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Day 12 of 30 Days of Indie Travel Project, from BootsnAll

A wrap-around porch full of memories, on Saturna Island, BC
A wrap-around porch full of memories (and a very cute wife). Saturna Island, BC, Canada


“Travelers meet dozens, if not hundreds, of new people on every trip. They may become friends, enemies, lovers, and resources; they may stay in your life forever or be forgotten the next day. Tell about a time you felt a powerful connection – for however long – to another person while traveling.”

So many I will always remember

I’ve tried and tried to narrow it down, but there have been so many meaningful connections in my travels over the years. Here are a few:

  • Scotland, UK, December 24, 1998. Studying abroad in Scotland, my Christmas plans had fallen through at the last minute. Next thing I knew, my friend Ewan told me I was coming to stay with him and his parents near Glasgow. We got there Christmas Eve—my 21st birthday. After dinner in his childhood kitchen, his mum and dad came through with a bottle of bubbly and a cake, saying, “We heard it’s someone’s 21st.” Their kindness and hospitality remain one of the fondest memories of my life.
  • Seattle, Washington, USA, March 2000. He climbed mountains, had climbed mountains for decades, and was off to another climb. We each were staying a night in a dorm room of the Green Tortoise Hostel in downtown Seattle. “You’re a climber too,” he said. “I can smell it.” Next morning, as other dorm-mates and I woke up, he was gone. I hope it was a good climb. I don’t even remember his name. I still think of what he said.
  • Finger Lakes Region, New York, USA, July 2008. Jodie and I were there for the wedding of two of our dearest friends. The bride’s parents treated us like we were their own. They remind me so much of that 21st birthday in Scotland, years ago. We laugh and share stories. Later they tell us we’re honorary members of the family. We still are.
  • Saturna Island, British Columbia, Canada, July 2010. After getting to know the other couple staying in our B&B, we get to know their friends, who sit with us on the big wrap-around porch. Over tea, coffee, and perfect summer days, we talk about travel, gardening, and books. When Jodie and I leave, we know we’ve met special people we’ll always be glad to see again.
  • Seattle, Washington, USA, February 2002; Bangkok, Thailand, December 2003; Oregon, September 2009. We’d gotten to know each other through email and the travel articles she wrote during her various globetrotting adventures. We both type over 100 words a minute, are bright stars of big energy trapped in wee bodies, and easily could have been siblings. We live half a world apart, have met in person 3 times, and have wandered similar life paths for years. She’s always a joy and a relief to talk with, stood as a “groomette” at my wedding, and to this day is one of my best friends.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, *sniff*… that is boofitul… a perfect summation of, oooh, over 10 years now I think??? Crikey! And I am honoured to’ve made your list!!


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