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“Change can be exciting and bring new joys into our lives. But it can present challenges that frustrate or annoy us. How has travel changed you in the last year? Did you welcome these changes or resist them at the time, and how do you feel about them now?”

The opposite of change

Change can be scary, but throughout this year, I’ve wrestled with a problem not due to change, but due to its much scarier opposite:


Creating change

For 7 years, I’d worked as a web editor for a national company. It was a decent job, I worked with some cool people, and it was an all right place to be.

However, there was nowhere to go.

I couldn’t grow my career anymore. I’d hit a wall at my job, and there were no new challenges to take on. My days were increasingly the same, except less and less fulfilling.

Some would say, “Well, boy, be grateful for any job you can get in this economy.”

People I trust would say, “Life’s too short to be running in place. What would make you happy, that you also think you could make a living at?”

So in June 2011, after long deliberation and planning, I left my decent job and set up shop as an independent writer and editor.

Change is not easy. Inertia is powerful and comfortable, and change can be scary. But change can also save your life.

I believe that we’re in this life to be happy, and to help those we love and care for find and augment their happiness. I believe that we all have skills to put to work in the world, and that we have a duty to ourselves and to each other to use those skills to their best and highest. I couldn’t live that belief in my old job. Now I can.

Not that this path is all kittens, rose petals and free beer. It can be scary. There are many things I don’t know yet, and many I may never be certain of. But it’s the right journey for me to take, and all I can do is wander it with all my heart.

Sometimes you have break stasis and create change, in order to find happiness, to be fulfilled, and to continue to grow and learn.

What’s travel got to do with this?

Two things helped me summon the cojones to leave my steady, decent job:

  1. The support and guidance of my amazing wife, Jodie
  2. Traveling

Jodie and I discussed my career for a long time, and she made it clear she supported whatever decision I made, as long as it was towards my happiness and our fulfillment as partners. I don’t think I could’ve made this change without the partner I travel through life with.

Traveling has given me a strength that I sometimes forget I have. From watching the moon rise over Mt. Everest, to sailing with whales off the coast of Australia, I’ve been fortunate to see a few bits of the world. I moved from Virginia, to Scotland, to Oregon, all within a year, and made my way towards the life I wanted to live.

It’s not always been easy. But travel, the world and its vastness and variety, has always been there for me. By traveling I also see into myself, and remember that I am capable of so much more than I sometimes let myself realize.

Then it hits me: so is everyone. And I can be part of what gives them strength to find and embrace changes that send them towards their own greater happiness.

Those are good changes. Scary at times but happier overall, I’ll take scariness over stasis any day.

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