Month: March 2012

New story sent to NPR 3-Minute Fiction Contest with 20 minutes to spare

Just when you think you’ve made a decision about something—suddenly a completely different decision comes to life. Literally. For Round 8 of NPR’s 3-Minute Fiction Contest, I sent in a new short story that started with this required first sentence: “She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through … Read More

Homebrew: Connor Porter 2011

Baby needs a beer. Or, rather, the birth of my and Jodie’s first child merited a homebrew to commemorate bringing our first wee kiddo into the world. When thinking about what to brew before baby arrived, I thought too about going back to my roots, so to speak. I wanted to brew again the very … Read More

Colorado beer guide: Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado’s Breweries

Beer lover’s guide to 97 brewpubs and breweries in Colorado Whether you live in or are traveling to Colorado, Ed Sealover’s handy book, Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado’s Breweries, tells you far more than just where to snag an excellent pint. Yes, there are handy maps and extensive listings of breweries throughout the state. … Read More

Screw Guinness: 17 St. Patrick’s Day stouts you should drink instead

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. Ah, Guinness. For many of us, especially in the U.S., the one automatically means the other. But should it? Here’s a simple 1-question quiz for whether or not you should drink Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day: Are you in Ireland? Yes or no? If you answered yes, then by arse y’ … Read More

The undrunk homebrew: Saison update

My wife always gets a batch of homebrew as a birthday gift. Last year’s saison, however, remained undrunk. That’s what happens when the day before your birthday, you find out you’re pregnant. Hidden under a blanket next to the fridge, boxes of Joie de Vivre Saison spent most of 2011 quietly aging. No more. Now … Read More

The Stories: New travel fantasy book coming 2012

One day while getting ready for a trip to India in 2003, I had an idea about an ultimate traveler who became much more than just another globetrotter. That story is the focus of my debut novel, coming this year: MY FRIEND JAY (working title) Jay has traveled the world, but he’s never had an … Read More

Eugene beer: Falling Sky starts pouring their beers today

Attention, Eugene beer lovers! After some initial equipment hiccups, new-pub-in-town Falling Sky is now finally becoming a brewpub. Today at 5 pm Falling Sky starts pouring 7 house beers: Bare Hands Bitter Persuasion Pale Ale First Flight IPA Pouring Porter Rough & Ready NW Red Three Sisters Pale Ale Golden Naked Blond $3 commemorative FIRST … Read More

Eugene beer events this weekend

Tonight! Fri., Mar. 9: Brewer’s Union Cask Night Ted from Oakridge’s Brewer’s Union Local 180 has a cask of IPA for you from 5-8 tonight! More info Sat. & Sun., Mar. 10-11: 16 Tons IPA Fest Like it hoppy? Want to experience the bitter taste of life? (Well, or of beer, anyway.) Hopheads unite! Then … Read More

9th Annual Eugene Irish Cultural Festival

Ireland in Eugene, Mar. 9-10, 2012 Evening Concert: Friday, Mar. 9 Featured music group Bua won the Irish Music Awards’ 2009 “Top Traditional Group”. Come get to know the sound and spirit of an awesome Traditional Irish Music group! Starting performance is The McG’s, a local duo with a fiddler and guitar player who play … Read More

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