Colorado beer guide: Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado’s Breweries

Beer lover’s guide to 97 brewpubs and breweries in Colorado

Whether you live in or are traveling to Colorado, Ed Sealover’s handy book, Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado’s Breweries, tells you far more than just where to snag an excellent pint. Yes, there are handy maps and extensive listings of breweries throughout the state. More importantly, Sealover goes in-depth on what makes the beer great to drink, and the pubs great places to have a pint.

The story behind the suds

Pub by pub, brewery by brewery, Sealover tells you the story of each brewery and the people behind it. What makes someone devote their life to brewing? What makes a place stand out from just another watering hole? Sealover brings the story alive, and in the process makes you thirsty:

Customers lucky enough to make Trinity Brewing’s first anniversary party in August 2009 were greeted by a man in a dress banging a tambourine and a flutist stomping around the room to the beat of a Jethro Tull cover band. Many, no doubt, had to remind themselves of where they were—in a strip mall surrounded by chain restaurants in the suburban area of the most conservative city in Colorado. The culture clash would have been confounding. Yet Jason Yester—a dreadlocked hippie who serves slow food and makes thirty-eight types of saison—has found a way for his brewery to not just survive but thrive in this seemingly unlikely atmosphere.

I find this book very practical, too. My in-laws live in Colorado Springs, and on our next trip we’ll be putting Sealover’s book to the street test. (Trinity Brewing in particular is on my list—especially the dozens of types of saison brewed there.)

Both guidebook and good book for the road

If you want only utilitarian listings of where to get a beer, this book may seem like it has more than you need. But for anyone who loves not just a good beer, but also loves the story behind a good beer, then Mountain Brew will leave you with a buzz that isn’t just from a pint of New Belgium Fat Tire, Durango Dark Lager, or Trinity Nocturnum Black Saison.

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