The Stories: New travel fantasy book coming 2012

One day while getting ready for a trip to India in 2003, I had an idea about an ultimate traveler who became much more than just another globetrotter.

That story is the focus of my debut novel, coming this year:

MY FRIEND JAY (working title)

Jay has traveled the world, but he’s never had an adventure like the one that unfolds when a strange object hides in his backpack, leads him to India and accidentally awakens an ancient evil. After falling for a mysterious bartender and befriending the world’s only Himalayan-Irish sage, the carefree globetrotter now must save the world he just wanted to see. A tale of travel, destiny and beer, Anthony St. Clair’s debut novel MY FRIEND JAY begins a new urban fantasy series in the spirit of Douglas Adams, Tom Robbins and Terry Pratchett.

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