The undrunk homebrew: Saison update

My wife always gets a batch of homebrew as a birthday gift. Last year’s saison, however, remained undrunk. That’s what happens when the day before your birthday, you find out you’re pregnant.

Hidden under a blanket next to the fridge, boxes of Joie de Vivre Saison spent most of 2011 quietly aging.

No more.

Now that baby is here, the saison can come out to play, too, and we’ve been most happy with it. Saison may well be the world’s most refreshing beer, and ours has plenty of spice, dry fruit and tartness to slake thirst. Pairing with meals has also been a joy. From bean-and-squash stew to Thai curry, red chile chicken enchiladas to bread and cheese and pickles, the saison stands up to anything and dances with any flavor combo.

Saison is going to be one of my brewing stand-bys from now on. It’s a favorite to drinkā€”and that makes it a natural to be a favorite to make, too.

Want the recipe and notes? They’re here.

2 thoughts on “The undrunk homebrew: Saison update”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I just finished bottling a batch I was sure would be spoiled due to my thoughtless haste. It had been sitting in the secondary for two weeks now waiting to be tossed out. After reading your post I mustered up the courage to open that secondary and find a great beer ready for bottling. There’s a life lesson in this batch for me – forget your doubts, forge ahead! I can’t wait to start on a saison. Here’s to a great ‘season’!


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