Month: June 2012

Eat the world – Food & Travel – BootsnAll 2012 Indie Travel Challenge

Prompt #23: How Has Food Connected You To a Destination During Your Travels? Food has a way to connect us to the places we visit. You may remember only a hint of smell which takes you back exactly to that hidden alley where you tasted something special. Even if the result was sometimes a belly … Read More

Homebrew: Jet Scharzweiss Ale

To brew a dark wheat beer Every year for Jodie’s birthday, she gets a 5-gallon batch of beer. After last year’s saison, her request this year was simple… but not: a beer dark in color, but light in flavor. Our discussions led us to a simple beer, no official style, but a fun variant: make … Read More

Fizzy on demand: How a Sodastream adds sparkling fun to the kitchen

The cravings began when my wife was pregnant with our son. With her coffee intake reduced, beer and wine off the table, and us not being big soda drinkers, she was left with water, juice, tea… and sparkling water. She began to crave sparkling water. Suddenly, every trip to the grocery store meant coming home … Read More

Facebook changed my email without my permission

Like many other folks, I found out Facebook changed my email address in my profile from to some nonsense. I’ve got better things to do than get too riled up about this, as it’s a simple fix, but I realized Facebook could do with some simple instruction to deal with similar situations in … Read More

Guo qiao mi xian: Across the Bridge Noodles Recipes

In 2004 I got to spend time in Kunming, China, and became well acquainted with their delicious local dish, guo qiao mi xian, or, “across the bridge noodles.” The origin story of this versatile has many versions, but overall it goes like this: a wife who was trying to figure out how to keep her … Read More

Home Sweet Road: New travel story available now

Life is so short, life is so long,      The cracked earth glitters where we strode; Home sweet home will never be our song.      Live the world, we sing, home sweet road. At last! It kicked my arse, caused lots of delays and made me wonder what the hell I was thinking to consider myself a … Read More

Eats: Follow the locals and ask the best friend question – USA budget travel tip – BootsnAll 2012 Indie Travel Challenge

Prompt: What Is Your Budget Travel Tip for Someone Planning a Vacation in the States? If you are from the USA, what is your budget travel tip for someone planning an American adventure? Follow the locals and ask the “best friend” question We’ve all seen them: the eye-candy spreads in magazines, talking of this high-falutin … Read More

New story: The World That Waited for Her: Entry to NPR Three-Minute Fiction Contest

The task was simple. Write a short story, maximum 600 words, with this required first line: She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door. The timing? The night of the contest deadline, I got an idea for a short story that I could enter in Round … Read More

Home cheesemaking: queso fresco

Have 2 gallons of milk and a couple of hours? Then you have queso fresco. This Latin American cheese provides a mild, creamy counterpoint, with a hint of tang, to the powerful spices, flavors and heat of burritos, huevos rancheros and other tasty dishes. Nearly instant gratification When making cheese, you get used to delaying … Read More

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