Once in a lifetime – Splurges – BootsnAll 2012 Indie Travel Challenge

Prompt #29: What do you splurge on when you travel? What’s one thing that you are willing to spend more on while traveling? Why? Once in a lifetime When we travel, we keep a tight rein on our budget. But there are some things we spend extra on, such as private rooms, food and once-in-a-lifetime … Read more

It takes purple pop to paint a patio purple

The wood on our patio roof used to be a gray-blue, which matched the house until we got the exterior painted in 2011. The old colors? Gray-white with gray-blue trim, because in Oregon, we don’t see gray often enough… erm, sure. After getting some repair work done on the patio, it was time to paint … Read more

Hot damn, or, 227 note cards

A lot of folks think that travel is easy. You deplane from your private jet, whisk away to a private beach, and sip cocktails while, presumably, someone does something very private to your privates. We know that ain’t the case. We know that travel is often more like this… Arrive in New Delhi at 2 … Read more

Hogmanay, Soaking Wet & Oh, Canada! – Holidays While Traveling – BootsnAll 2012 Indie Travel Challenge

Prompt #27: Holidays While Traveling There are many reasons to travel and many moments make traveling special. Have you ever traveled to another country during a new [to you] holiday? If so, what was special about it? Hogmanay, Soaking Wet & Oh, Canada! Oh, Canada! Canada Day, Saturna Island, British Columbia, 2010 As we in … Read more