Author, business owner, dad.

Being these 3 things alone puts a lot of demands on my time, and I’m always examining how I can be smarter about balancing them all.

Which is why the Rucksack Press site is moving.

I’ve blogged at my other site, Antsaint, since 2004. It’s most of where I’m known and who I am, and Rucksack Press is part of that. Over the next few weeks I’ll be moving all the content from to So going forward, it’s going to be…

One blog: All my travel fantasy fiction blogging will be through (follow/subscription options here). This is good for you, too, because it’s where I do all my other blogging about travel and craft beer and other wonderful things. (Antsaint will also be getting a facelift and a wee redo.)

One Twitter feed: @RucksackPress will be migrated to @Antsaint.

One Newsletter: My newsletter, Postcards from the Rucksack Universe, will pretty much stay the same. Your subscription will be moved, but really about the only difference you’ll see is links will go to Antsaint instead of Rucksack Press.

This will help me bring your more awesome stuff about the travels and travails of a bunch of globetrotters. Thanks for sticking with me during the move.

And now to get back to work on travel fantasy short stories and the novel!

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