Eugene Beer: Watch Falling Sky double it’s brewing capacity today

Since their opening in January 2012, Falling Sky has become a favorite local pub for many in the Eugene-Springfield area. This of course has resulted in lots beer being drunk, which of course requires more beer to be brewed.

To keep up with demand, Falling Sky is installing 2 new 18-barrel fermenters and a new brite tank. The new equipment doubles brewing capacity and should help keep a bit more IPA around.

You can watch the installation, today at the brewery (Tues. Oct 23). No specific time is given, but pop down when you can and odds are you’ll see work underway.

Beer beyond the brewery

The lads at Falling Sky have big plans for their big new tanks. Brewers want to experiment with more styles, and be able to tap other beers in addition to the 13 already on rotation.

Even more interesting, word is Falling Sky will also be making beer to send outside the brew pub–a first for the fledgling operation. Plans include making beer available to beer bars and restaurants locally and throughout Oregon.

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