Big Week for Eugene Craft Beer

Plank Town Opens, Claim 52 Pours More, Eugene Beer Week Announces Dates & Tastings Does Craft Beer Fancy a beer in the Eugene/Springfield area? This past week or two has expanded your options—and there’s more on the way. Plank Town Opens After months of anticipation and a few delays, Plank Town Brewing opened for business … Read more

Monday Morning Cooking Break

Yogurt, nuts, bread, croutons & chili Slogging through a snot-machine cold this morning, my son made it clear he was in need of a dad snuggle prescription. So while my wife was getting ready I popped him in a carrier on my back and tended to some kitchen matters. Make yogurt In a Dutch oven, … Read more

Now to reply to Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins is one of my favorite authors, and I’ve also examined his works for writing elements to bring to my own craft. So last year I wrote him a letter: Thanks for your time, your consideration, and for the bombastic vivacious writing that reminds us of what an awesome, worth-living-in world we share. I … Read more

Eugene Craft Beer: Bier Stein, Falling Sky expansions

Oregon Beer Growler, February 2013 The Bier Stein is moving from their cramped 11th Ave. location to the old Midtown Marketplace building at 16th and Willamette. Plus, brewpub Falling Sky plans join other local brewers in the Whitaker’s Eugene Brewing District with a second location. The latest is in the February 2013 edition of the … Read more