The World Needs More Moist Towelettes

Get so much as a wee pack of dried crab chews in Japan, and you’ll get a nice moist towelette.

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Americans love napkins. We go through reams of the things every day. The Japanese, however, favor the moist towelette. Individually wrapped and given to you pretty much anywhere you get food or drink, these handy little buggers clean up far more thoroughly than napkins. Which makes sense, because they’re essentially baby wipes (and they’ve also done a far bit of baby wiping duty for a food-covered Connor).

These wee towelettes are also strangely gratifying. It’s one thing to wipe your hands with a dry napkin. Wiping your hands with a nice moist towelette, you feel suddenly refreshed. And, if you’re like me and your face occasionally needs a good de-greasing, there’s nothing like a moist towelette to keep you feeling all peppy and scrubbed for a day’s travel.

Yes indeed. The world needs more moist towelettes.

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