Saturday Barn Light Writing


It has been a challenging week. You know the type I’m talking about: many of the things you wanted to do got totally derailed by things you had to do.

So Jodie, wonderful wife that she is, worked with me to get in some serious Saturday morning work time. I holed up with coffee and americanos at Eugene’s The Barn Light, and got to reconnect with some work waiting in the wings.

First there’s Tokyo Toddler. In addition to planning the next blog posts, I wanted to start wrapping my head around the e-book many people have been telling me to write about our 3-week trip with toddler Connor to Japan. I made a bit of progress here, but need to think more about the core point of the book, the “what would you tell your best friend to make them read this” factor.

And then there was the new major characters for the Rucksack Universe. Believe it or not, but we didn’t go to Japan to get cute photos of our son. I spent the trip in full-on work mode, researching, observing and learning about Japan so I could set future Rucksack Universe stories in this amazing country.

In fact, the entire trip was worth about 20 seconds on a train in Yokohama. That brief snippet of time led to the on-the-spot creation of a new major character.

Today, I got to know him better. I also got introduced to a new major female character, and we got to learn a lot about one another this morning as well.

Now I get to turn my attention to working on some behind-the-scenes stuff for the Rucksack Universe. And then, work done and coffee drunk, I will get to put away the laptop and enjoy the rest of the weekend with Jodie and Connor.

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