And the Winners Are…

Another week closer to launch! Thanks for entering to win this week’s The Martini of Destiny Free E-book Giveaway! Here’s the list of lucky winners who were selected using a random number generator:

  • #1, Vidya A., who said, “To date, my favourite travel spot is Darjeeling, India. There’s just something about seeing the sun reflect off the snow-capped Himalayas while sipping hot chai on a misty morn . I got to ring in 2013 in Kaoshung, Taiwan and the hopping place on New Year’s eve was McDonald. I kid you not! One of these days I would like to visit the Tuscan countryside, ideally on a scooter and gorge myself on pasta and wine; set foot in the Shaolin monastery, take a peek at the terracotta warriors, cruise the Nile in Egypt, the list goes on and on.”
  • #3, Taylor, who said, “Hmmmm….Barcelona, wandering lost in the city streets with Choya. Driving through a small river accidentally in Costa Rica with Sam. Alone on a train in Austria watching the sun break over the Alps…”
  • #4, Sheri Rand, who said, “Every trip with Okito holds so many adventures and stories. Italy always floats to the top for favorite Mediterranean spots, but then there’s always Croatia, Barcelona. I could ramble on about Asia for a long time. Travel is indeed so fantastic!!!!”

Winners have been contacted and prizes have been mailed out. Winners, if you haven’t received your e-book yet, please contact me. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Didn’t win? Fear not.

A new giveaway starts Tuesday, June 4, at 5 a.m. PT. Keep yourself occupied in the meantime.

The Martini of Destiny, by Anthony St. ClairAbout The Martini of Destiny

A special martini gives courage to a doubting man, a ghost doesn’t pay for his pints, a destiny-slinging bartender questions everything, and the world will never be the same. The first Rucksack Universe Novella E-book, The Martini of Destiny is available June 20, 2013. About The Martini of Destiny » Special Features & Launch News » Photo – istolethetv

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