Over 2,500 Posts Since 2004

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Live the world. Start here.

In 2004, kind of on a lark really, I published my first post on a Typepad blog called Antsaint. Thinking back, it’s hard to remember all the motivations that went into it. Mostly I wanted to share things I learned about or researched for projects, in the hopes it would help others.

As time went on, the site grew—about 278 posts per year, or about 5 posts a week—and through the site I met new friends and colleagues. We shared a lot and learned a lot. Hell, my site even played a role in how my wife and I met (thanks in part to good ol’ Perugino). In time I was also sharing more about my writing on the site, such as my various times competing in NaNoWriMo (2011, 2008 and 2005), or the 2012 BootsnAll Indie 30 Project. There was also 2011, when I left my job and set up shop as an indie author, craft beer writer and freelance copywriter. And here we are now, in 2013, with my Rucksack Universe travel fantasy stories getting closer to launch…

As these things often are, it’s been a helluva ride. And when I saw recently that my count of published blog posts was nearing the 2,500 mark, that really made me stop and take stock.

The blog and site have evolved a lot over the years from that initial Typepad blog. In 2010 I finally moved the site off Typepad and on to WordPress—an easy move overall, except for the loss of basically all my images from Typepad (thanks for that screwy image code, Six Apart. Not).

And now, beyond the 2,500-post mark, lots of changes are happening on-site and off-site. Some changes you may have noticed—new logo, new look, spiffed up content. Some is less visible, being prepared behind the scenes—like launching The Martini of Destiny, more Japan trip posts in Tokyo Toddler, and other content around travel and craft beer that I haven’t even announced yet.

So much has happened since 2004. So much has yet to happen. And it’ll keep happening here. I suppose that, in blog years, I’m kinda old. That’s good with me. I like getting older. Last time I checked there was only one other alternative, and all I have to say to that is, “Not today.”

The site will keep changing, just as I keep changing and the world keeps changing. I’m old, I’m here, and I’ll keep showcasing what I can about what in this big varied world is worth living and loving and being excited about. If you want to live the world, this is a good place to start.

And now to keep going. There’s a lot to do. There always will be. To the next 2,500 posts, and beyond.

Meantime, I put together a wee selection of the Top 25 Posts so far »

Photo: Globe – Hanne Johansen

1 thought on “Over 2,500 Posts Since 2004”

  1. “The body weakens but the words never do.”
    from ‘Herman Wouk is Still Alive’

    May you stay as strong and vital as you are for a very long time, Anthony. Each adventure gives you new stories to tell and broadens your audience, while each memory lives a lifetime.

    (And congrats on your blog and the overwhelming number of posts!!)m- sk-g


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