Over 2,500 Posts Since 2004

Live the world. Start here. In 2004, kind of on a lark really, I published my first post on a Typepad blog called Antsaint. Thinking back, it’s hard to remember all the motivations that went into it. Mostly I wanted to share things I learned about or researched for projects, in the hopes it would … Read more

On Homestays and Couchsurfing

Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler Sometimes people think we’re nuts. Like when we said we wouldn’t be staying in hotels during our Japan trip. Instead, we’d be staying in the homes of strangers. There’s a method to our madness though, and homestays proved to be a great way for us to travel as a … Read more

10 Minutes

Tonight I am at the monthly meeting for Willamette Writers. My duties as co-chair as done for now, and I am listening to Eric Olsen talk about his creative process and that of other writers he’s known, all with varying degrees of success. He just hit upon an example that hit me hard. He read … Read more

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