Special Feature: The Independent City-Nation of Hong Kong

Situated on the southeastern coast of Asia, Hong Kong’s sovereignty is a nick in the otherwise Chinese-controlled coast. A natural deep harbor and harmonious cultural diversity fueled post-Blast economic growth that continues to help the city maintain independence.

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Excerpted from Guru Deep’s Hong Kong Through the Third Eye (coming soon from Third Eye Deep Press, a subsidiary of Deep, Inc.)

The world’s only Independent City-Nation, Hong Kong is an economic, political and cultural global power. The rise of the “World’s Greatest City” can be traced back to the immediate fallout and aftermath of The Blast.

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A long-time area of Chinese settlement, Hong Kong rose to new prominence under British colonial rule. Hong Kong quickly became a pre-eminent colony in what historians now consider a fledgling British Empire. However, with Great Britain in ruins in the aftermath of The Blast, Hong Kongers regained their independence. After ousting the colonial government, residents also chose not to return to Chinese rule.

Shops, cafes and pubs combine East and West throughout the city’s many diverse districts.

Hong Kong instead chose to leverage its natural features and economic power to establish itself as an independent state. British citizens who remained in Hong Kong after The Blast were welcomed with open arms, and all residents were granted full rights and equal citizenship under the Hong Kong Universal Citizenship Act that comprised the centerpiece of the City-Nation’s constitution.

The city quickly became a bastion of racial, social and cultural diversity, where East met West in a potent combination of Asian and European residents.

Chinese and English are Hong Kong’s official languages.

Local events continue to display Hong Kong’s prominent influence in world affairs. In a recent example, an unspecified gunshot incident has been cited as the primary impetus behind a global controversy of the role of firearms in a civilized, post-Blast world.

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Photos: Robin Zebrowski, Tennessee Wanderer, Clarence, Cheung Fun

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