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While there’s been much going on with e-book launches lately, it’s not all scribbling. I’d mentioned previously that I have a goal of brewing at least 6 times during 2013, and I’m really stoked to be halfway there. After going over my 2013 Homebrew Grab List with my wife, we settled on two beers to brew for summer sipping.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I did a big brew day. After all, when you’ve already got out all your brewing gear, it’s not that much more work to brew 2 batches instead of just one. Bubbling away in their fermenters right now are two beers:

  1. Lazy Haze Kolsch. We first brewed this lovely summer beer in 2009, and it has been far too long since we’ve made it. A recent piece in Draft Magazine also noted that fresh mint leaves added to a glass of kolsch makes for a refreshing summer combo, and we are definitely looking forward to trying this out with mint from our garden.
  2.  Weizenbock. This malty, partial wheat beer combines refreshing maltiness with a  big beer’s alcohol buzz. Clocking in around 8%ABV, we decided the weizenbock would be a great counterpoint to the lightness and lower alcohol of the kolsch. The inspiration for this brew came from a profile in the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Brew Your Own magazine, but sadly I couldn’t find details online. Will provide more notes when I write up the recipe.

In addition to Jodie’s birthday beer, a Hoegaarden-style Belgian witbier, these two beers put me at the halfway mark for the year. It’s good timing, too. With summer coming on, I’ll be going into my usual summer brewing break, resuming brewing in late August or early September.

3 down, 3 to go.


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