The Martini of Destiny, by Anthony St. ClairIt’s here! Welcome to The Martini of Destiny, the first published work in the Rucksack Universe. Available now from Amazon, Smashwords and wherever e-books are sold.

A special martini gives courage to a doubting man, a ghost doesn’t pay for his pints, a destiny-slinging bartender questions everything, and the world will never be the same.

So it begins…

“The glass looked like a mountain inverted, a peak held in the hand. Jake Hongkong mixed the martini with the mastery of years, the gin, vermouth and glass all coming to the perfect cold temperature at his touch. In a blur he topped it off with the final ingredient, a few drops from the special black bottle in the unseeable cabinet behind a panel of the woodwork below the back liquor shelves. The drink looked and smelled the same, but for the man about to drink it, he did not know how different his life was going to become.”

The Martini of Destiny is available now as an e-book novella from leading book retailers.

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More stores coming soon! If you don’t see it at your favorite store yet, let me know and I’ll check on its progress. Different systems take different times. Check here for updates

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