Special Feature: Who Is Declan?

The Doubting Man

In need of direction and plagued by doubts, Declan comes to the pub for what he knows to be “the best drinks in Hong Kong“: a martini made by Jake Hongkong. Declan faces a difficult decision—but it’s nothing compared to what happens to him in The Martini of Destiny.

“I’m no great man. Average face, average build, average in all ways except how extremely average I am. I don’t even know if I’ll see her tonight. I don’t know if I’ll have the guts to call her, to ask her to meet me. I’m just a clerk in a gun shop. Hell, I grew up in New York, came to Hong Kong five years ago thinking I’d see the greatest city in the world, make it big. But all I am is here. I’ve got no prospects, no money. I’ve got nothing to offer her but myself. I have no destiny. No path. No goals.” — The Martini of Destiny

Are Declan’s doubts driven by a fear of making a decision? Does destiny whip him onward relentlessly, toward a future feared and unknown? When you have no direction, when all you feel is the useless, helpless anxiety of the average, what do you do when the time comes for you to make the most important choice of your life?

“Today is going to be either the best or worst day of my life. I figured I might as well have the best drink of my life.” — The Martini of Destiny

Declan is just another lost soul, getting by day to day in the Independent City-Nation of Hong Kong. But nothing can prepare him for what happens when he goes to his decision and his destiny—and when Jake sees something he wasn’t supposed to see.

The Martini of Destiny, by Anthony St. ClairAbout The Martini of Destiny

A special martini gives courage to a doubting man, a ghost doesn’t pay for his pints, a destiny-slinging bartender questions everything, and the world will never be the same. The first Rucksack Universe Novella E-book, The Martini of Destiny is available June 20, 2013.

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Photo: Martin Mutch

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