First Month Update: The Martini of Destiny

The Martini of Destiny, by Anthony St. ClairOne month. Wow. It’s been a month since The Martini of Destiny started making its way in the world. Thank you for all the kind words and reviews.

This will be a quick update on what the latest has been (you can see updates from week 1 and weeks 2-3 as well).

The meh of rejection

Kindle readers may be familiar with Amazon’s Kindle Singles program. Amazon uses the Singles program as a way to highlight short stories, novellas, essays and other works shorter than typical book length.

I submitted The Martini of Destiny to Kindle Singles, but sadly just got word that they rejected the story. Oh well. It’s a bummer, but rejection is part of any author’s reality. This doesn’t impact the book being on Amazon, by the way, it’s just not part of this particular program.

I’ll just have to try again on the next book.

The woo-hoo of a new store

Lots of folks have asked when Barnes & Noble would have The Martini of Destiny available. And the answer is…


So, Nook readers, you can now get The Martini of Destiny directly from Barnes & Noble.

Sorry for the wait. This involved different stores and systems and such, and sometimes these things just take a while to update.

In the meantime, that leaves Apple iBooks and the Sony Reader Store. I’ll let you know straightaway once The Martini of Destiny is available there.

The ahhhhhhh of reviews

If you read and enjoyed The Martini of Destiny, a review on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo ยป or Barnes & Noble is a tremendous help to promote more sales and get the book recommended to other readers. Just a sentence or two and your star rating will make a difference.

Next in the Rucksack Universe

My Chief Reader is currently giving me notes on Act 2 of my Rucksack Universe debut novel. I’m also in the midst of reviewing all my outlines for Act 3. I’ll be spending July and August cranking away on the rest of the book. Once Chief Reader has given the full manuscript her thumbs-up, the manuscript will be off to my crack team of Beta Readers.

While all that’s going on, I’ll be writing a novella that will introduce you to more Rucksack Universe characters and, you know, probably nearly end the world or something.

Till next time, live the world!

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