The passport officer looked down

Today’s Oneword: Stapled

The Oneword website is a daily writing exercise where you have 60 seconds to write something based on one word. Here’s today’s 1-minute creative riff:

They stared at each other, exhaustion tinging each man’s eyes. After all the questions, all the dates asked about, the two trick questions of countries he hadn’t been to, finally, it had come to this.

The passport officer looked down. “I suppose it is all in order,” he said. Then he stapled an immigration card to the page, stamped it with the day’s date, and handed the passport back.

“Welcome to our country. Enjoy your stay.”

What are these things?
Oneword posts are a way for me to explore ideas for my Rucksack Universe of travel fiction stories. Want to know more? Leave a comment below or check out the stories.

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