Home Sweet Road FAQ

Rucksack Universe Novella Q&A Now and again folks send questions about my Rucksack Universe series, and about my upcoming new novella, Home Sweet Road. To put off writing another scene of Home Sweet Road I figured it’d be easiest to answer your questions in a quick post. If you have a question about Home Sweet … Read more

Where life lives, life fades

Today’s Oneword: Mothering “You did say you’d see me again,” she said, turning away from the hills and the rising sun. Her hands rested on her belly, which looked even rounder this morning. “Aye,” he replied. “I must admit though, I never thought you’d take on to be the mothering sort.” “Where life lives, life … Read more

Even his backpack felt thirsty

Today’s Oneword: Mirage The desert continued forward, and the desert never stopped reaching back. The desert stretched to the left and to the right. He just felt thirsty. Even his backpack felt thirsty. He put one foot in front of the other again, and with every step wondered why in the hell he thought he … Read more

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup, Sept. 26

Oakshire Gnome, Blue Dog Mead, New Ninkasi Winter Beers Oakshire Releases Winter Seasonal Ale Eugene’s Oakshire Brewing has released Ill-Tempered Gnome, their much-loved winter seasonal. At a Sept. 24 release party, Oakshire tapped 4 different versions of ITG: Ill-Tempered Gnome 2013, 2012 Very Ill-Tempered Gnome, a cask of ITC dry-hopped with Cascade hops, and Ill-Tempered … Read more

Now to hope I’m not the only pin

Today’s Oneword: Biblical She stopped the motorcycle at the top of a crest, killed the engine and hopped down. When the floods had pulled the rocks into the valleys, nearly leveling the hills here, the power must have seemed biblical. Everywhere, rocks. No, not rocks. Boulders. The place was like a bowling alley covered in … Read more

Because a goat walked on my hair

Today’s Oneword: Tousled She rose from the bed and stared in the mirror at her tousled hair. It’s always worse when I sleep inside, she thought. I could have the world’s hardest rock for a pillow and wake up because a goat walked on my hair, but it still looks better than this. At least … Read more

Soundtrack to his own personal movie

Today’s Oneword: Piano “When was the last time you heard music?” she asked as she sat down at the piano. “There was the mix tape that the bus driver played nonstop for ten hours,” he replied. “I’m guessing it wasn’t Chopin.” “I’m pretty sure it was a soundtrack to his own personal movie. Mostly about … Read more

Nothing would make you pine for life like that

Today’s Oneword: Hell “What sort of hell would be best, do you think?” she asked. “The one where there’s no beer, no food, no sex,” he replied. “Nothing would make you pine for life like that.” More 1-minute glimpses into the Rucksack Universe » See this entry on oneword.com » All oneword entries for “hell” … Read more

I may need another bottle

Today’s Oneword: Measure She poured the measure slowly, letting the glass fill bit by bit in a thin stream. “What does this one do?” he asked. “Helps you see,” she replied. “Helps you learn. Helps you do.” “I may need a double,” he said, trying to smile. “I may need another bottle.” More 1-minute glimpses … Read more

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup, Sept. 19

Governor Gifts, Mystery Brews, Single-Batch Fest & Fresh-Hop Releases Ninkasi Gives Beer to Oregon Governor On Sept. 18, Ninkasi Brewing Company co-owner Nikos Ridge presented Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber with a custom-bottled Ninkasi beer. The beer is a collaboration between Ninkasi Brewing Company and Business Oregon, the state’s economic development agency. The beer will be … Read more

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