Eugene Craft Beer: Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout

Oakshire Overcast Espresso StoutI wanted to share my favorite beer with you. No really, it’s okay, no cooties here. Have a quaff.

As you probably know, I live in Eugene, Oregon. Our “Brewgene” local area is home to about 150,000 people and, at last count, 217,503 breweries. OK, more like 10… 11… 12… (more are in the works every time I turn around). As you see, there’s a lot of brewing happening for a place this size.

One brewery, Oakshire Brewing, puts out one of my favorite beers. Overcast Espresso Stout has, I kid you not, the equivalent of about a shot of espresso per pint, plus rich roasted flavors, tame hops and a nice sharp refreshing bite. You can learn more about it here (and full disclosure, they’re a past client):

Eugene Craft Beer: Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout »

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