Even his backpack felt thirsty

Today’s Oneword: Mirage

More 1-minute glimpses into the Rucksack UniverseThe desert continued forward, and the desert never stopped reaching back. The desert stretched to the left and to the right. He just felt thirsty. Even his backpack felt thirsty. He put one foot in front of the other again, and with every step wondered why in the hell he thought he could walk across the Sahara.

Ahead, a can of stout stood on the broken road, like a vertical shadow. Must be a mirage, he thought, but when he tried to step through it, the can fell over, and he heard the sound of beer sloshing inside.

What are these things?

The Oneword website is a writing exercise where you have 60 seconds to write something based on one word, which changes each day. I use it to explore ideas and give you a daily 1-minute glimpse into the Rucksack Universe of travel fiction stories.

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