New Travel Fiction Novella Underway: HOME SWEET ROAD

Announcing a New Rucksack Universe Novella

With the novel getting closer and closer to release, for the time being much of the work on that project is out of my hands. So I’m announcing that I’m underway on the planning and drafting for a new story.

Home Sweet Road will be the next Rucksack Universe Novella.

About Home Sweet Road

Set in Ireland after the events of The Martini of Destiny (but before the events of Forever the Road), Home Sweet Road is the story of an ordinary woman who hides extraordinary secrets from two men who are not what they seem—but neither is she.

Home Sweet Road also introduces you to new characters… and you’ll see more of some you’ve already met. You’ll also learn more about the Rucksack Universe itself, this world that is similar to ours—but different in so many crucial, and sometimes tragic, ways.

This novella is in development, and I’ll announce a release date in the future. To know superspeed fast, subscribe to my free mailing list.

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