Month: September 2013

Aye, mine’s not that fast

Today’s Oneword: Versatile The motorcycle zipped by, the air blurring and so confused that it needed a moment before it could reshape itself back into the hazy, dusty day. “Aye,” she said, “mine’s not that fast.” The motorcycle squealed to a stop at the foot of the rocky hill. She smiled, climbed onto her bike, … Read More

The Martini of Destiny, Available on iBooks

September Update: The Martini of Destiny The Martini of Destiny is now available on iBooks®! If you are a user of the Mac®, iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch®, you can now enjoy The Martini of Destiny on your Apple device. What are iBooks? iBooks lets you browse books and download them directly to your Mac, … Read More

2 Pluses of Google+

In August I attended the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon. My goal this year was to continue evolving my marketing chops, especially when it came to the not-really-new, ever-more-important, still-not-really-understood Google+. Boy howdy did I come away with some knowledge. Google+ is powerful, growing and engaging. Plus, you know, it’s Google. Here are 2 … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer: Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout

I wanted to share my favorite beer with you. No really, it’s okay, no cooties here. Have a quaff. As you probably know, I live in Eugene, Oregon. Our “Brewgene” local area is home to about 150,000 people and, at last count, 217,503 breweries. OK, more like 10… 11… 12… (more are in the works … Read More

New Urban Fantasy Novel Coming Soon

As you know, for a fair while I’ve been working on a big travel fiction/urban fantasy novel. I recently finished revision on Forever the Road, the first novel in the Rucksack Universe series. In Forever the Road, three travelers in India battle their hearts and their destinies as an awakened evil prepares to destroy all … Read More

What, never?

Today’s Oneword: Scuba “What, never?” she asked. She was smirking. He couldn’t see her face while she dug around the trunk of the sidecar, but he didn’t need to. When she spoke, the smirk had practically been its own letters, punctuation and grammar all in one. “No, never.” “Not once. With everything else you’ve done, … Read More

There had been no beer for a month

Today’s Oneword: Drought There had been no beer for a month. The last kegs of stout had run out three days prior. All around the city, haggard faces desperately sought the lovechild of barley and hops. “It’s a bloody drought,” he said, mouth dry as a morning after. “What the hell are we supposed to … Read More

The system all changed because of that dark day

Today’s Oneword: Senator “Governments at all levels today maintain a rather different form from what existed prior to, well, you know,” he said. “And as far as we can extrapolate, a different form from what likely would have existed in global geopolitics by now.” The cool voice soothed over the radio, and she turned up … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup, Sept. 13

Craft Beer Cookbook Party, Ninkasi, Claim 52 Art & Corvallis Beer Week While finally digging through my inbox dutifully reviewing correspondence, I realized there are tons of various Eugene craft beer events happening to tell you about. Instead of doing lots of single posts, it made sense to do just one chunky one, a round-up … Read More

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