Month: September 2013

FOREVER THE ROAD: 10 Years to a Novel, A New World & The Future

Forever the Road: The Novel is Done. Now Work on the Novel. 10 years ago in 2003, I went on a journey from Oregon to India. Not long after returning home from that trip, one morning while biking to the office I had to stop and write down the idea for a story involving indie … Read More

At least we never ran out of beer

Today’s Oneword: Ravenous “When was the last time you ate?” she asked. “Somewhere around Kazakhstan,” he replied, grabbing another piece of chicken. The pile of bones and scraps around him grew deeper. “That was a week ago.” “Those open-air trucks don’t exactly have a catering service.” He smiled. “But at least we never ran out … Read More

No other event in human history compares

Today’s Oneword: Historic “The Blast, of course, is a historic event of world-changing proportions. Affecting everything from global social consciousness to the shorelines of Ireland and Britain, perhaps no other event in human history compares in scale, terror and transformational power.” He turned away from the TV set and the documentary narrator. “Good words,” he … Read More

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