Month: October 2013

Where he stood was the center of London

Today’s Oneword: Cinematic The city stretched out beneath the tall building, and not for the first or last time, he wondered if where he stood was the center of London. The cinematic spread of the city still impressed him, as he wandered the circumference of the round, windowed room at the top of the building. … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: Learn to Homebrew Day, Agrarian Harvest Halloween, Heater Allen Brewing Pause

Oct. 30, 2013, Eugene Craft Beer Roundup Learn to Homebrew Day at Oakshire Public House, Nov. 2 Have you ever wanted to learn to homebrew? On Sat., Nov. 2, head to the Oakshire Public House for National Learn to Homebrew Day! Homebrewers from the Cascade Brewers Society will demonstrate homebrewing, different recipes and equipment from … Read More

They had been ever unfaithful to the seasons

Today’s Oneword: Unfaithful They had been ever unfaithful to the seasons. The way they grew and bloomed, defiant of the snow and the chill, defiant of the weak sun. They never had the right, but they had taken it anyway. And now he moved, free at last from the ground and the roots. The blossoms … Read More

The beer is warm but the fires are cold

Today’s Oneword: Brisk “Ah, the brisk Irish morning air,” he said. “Why do you have a country where the beer is warm but the fires are cold?” She put more peat on the fire. “Because we have our priorities straight. Make a cuppa tea and quit whining.” “Don’t get me started on tea.” “Actually, that’s … Read More

Even then, I’d have my doubts

Today’s Oneword: Suicidal “Did he ever seem suicidal?” She laughed. “I shouldn’t have done that,” she said. “But what you ask isn’t tragic, it’s so far removed from who he is—” “Was.” “Is, that it’s ridiculous.” “But he’s dead.” “I don’t recall you showing me a body. Unless I see a body, I wouldn’t believe … Read More

He smiled his first true smile

Today’s Oneword: Genetics It hadn’t begun this way. It hadn’t been choices, destiny, or genetics that guided it. There had just been the cruel paths of life, the steering with no direction, that brought it all to that one day, that fateful day, that everything day. The day when all that was fell away, leaving … Read More

7 Reasons to Bottle Your Next Batch of Homebrew

In Defense of Bottling: New Homebrew Article In addition to my usual craft beer writing, I also like to write about homebrewing (and am an avid homebrewer). Here is a recent article on bottling homebrew: Mention bottling to any given group of homebrewers, and you may hear a lot of “I hate bottling” grumbling. And … Read More

People flowed by him

Today’s Oneword: Affection The flowing crowds of the city passed by him, around him, and he smiled at how unnoticed he was, everywhere he went. There was no hostility or affection, no concern or care. People flowed by him, inconsequential, not seeing the sharpness in his smile, or how flatly glowed the darkness in his … Read More

Eugene Craft Beer Roundup: New Oakshire Cans, Licks & Drinks, Bier Stein, Homebrew Club

Oct. 23, 2013, Eugene Craft Beer Roundup Oakshire Now Canning More Beers, Celebrate Oct. 23 & 24 So a while back, Oakshire began canning their beers. First up was their flagship Watershed IPA. Now Oakshire (finally) is canning their Original Amber Ale and Overcast Espresso Stout too. Distribution of the 12-oz./6-pack cans began on Oct. … Read More

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